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Stamford Food & Drink Festival

Event Date(s)

08/06/2019 - 09/06/2019 - 2 day(s)

Information For Trader/Participants

Stamford Food & Drink Festival 2019 is in its the fourth year and now firmly established in the local calendar. With the right weather there really is no more idyllic setting than the Stamford Meadows, a green space in the heart of the historic Georgian town and alongside the river Welland which provides the perfect community meeting space.

The Meadows is split into two parts by Vence Walk, a pathway that runs from Bath Row through to Railway Station quarter with the Food and Drink Festival on the peninsula section (see map). This is a cosy and very picturesque space close to the river and providing a backdrop of Stamford’s iconic stone-built architecture.

Good two day event all round for grocery products, hot foods and bar. This year we are adding the bonus of a music festival that will take place on the other side of the meadows. All businesses are welcome to stay open later on the Saturday and Sunday in order to benefit form the additional foot fall.

Information For Visitors

Please visit for the latest updates, event times and public transport information on event content

Interesting Facts About The Venue

In 972 King Edgar made Stamford a borough. The Anglo-Saxons and Danes faced each other across the river. The town originally grew as a Danish settlement at the lowest point that the Welland could be crossed by ford or bridge. Stamford was the only one of the Five Boroughs of the Danelaw not to become a county town. Initially a pottery centre, producing Stamford Ware, by the Middle Ages it had become famous for its production of wool and the woollen cloth known as Stamford cloth or haberget - which "In Henry III's reign ... was well known in Venice

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