Who Needs It?

We are offering an advice service to Traders, Event Organisers and Town Centre Managers.

You may be at a cross road in the sense of decision time, starting a new business or event, or simply in need of the right contacts to move forward. Market Square Group will consider each individual case with the right balance of sympathy and honesty.

Conferences and Team Building

If you are hosting a conference or team building exercise concerning markets/events/festivals, we would be happy to consider requests to attend and make a contribution or presentation. We are also available to run workshops as part of staff training or act as consultant on specific market projects.

Frequently Asked Questions - Traders

· I have a great business start up idea - will it work?

· What type of events should I choose?

· Where can I find the right equipment?

· Should I buy or rent a van?

· Will my product sell at that event?

· How do progress with my wholesale business?

Frequently Asked Questions - Organisers/TCMs/Centre Managers

· Where can I find reliable service suppliers?

· What permissions/licences do I need from the local authorities?

· What should I charge traders for my event?

· Where can I find the right entertainment?

· How do I publicise my event?

· How will I attract the right stalls?

· Which event would best suit my venue?

What does it Cost?

That really depends on individual circumstances. Please email an event proposal.


Our Consultancy Service is free of charge (via telephone and e-mail) to full members at any time and to any registered site member on booking one of our events. Visits to your premises or place of work will incur an expenses charge for full members and an expenses + fee charge for registered site users.

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Organisers - Town Centre Managers/Local Authority Events Teams

We are happy to discuss your project prior to an initial meeting and then offer our time free of charge for that meeting if appropriate. Terms of business can be discussed once you have decided exactly what input you require from us.

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