Event Organisers

Independent Events & Market Organisers/Local Authority Events Teams

A man or a woman with a clip board in their hand is a man or a woman in charge - or conversely, the loneliest person on the planet. 
To give an event the best possible chance of success the organiser must demonstrate many skills; creativity, ingenuity, the facilities for planning ahead and gathering accurate information, people skills, multi-tasking and so the list goes on.
Market Square Group can provide as much or as little help as you require to make your event a success. We can come in on day 1 and assist your planning from start to finish or simply help in adding to an event that is already in hand. So if you are planning an event such as a
• Food Festival
• Beer Festival
• Town Festival
• Music Festival
• World Village Market
• Street Market
• Farmers Market
• Country Show or Fair
• Community Celebration
We can help!
For example, you may feel that our support throughout the project would enable you to focus on the skill fields that you are most comfortable in. On the other hand, you might want us to help out in specific areas such as power, stalls or traders for the event. We are as happy to remain anonymous when contributing to the success of your event as we are to promote the fact that we are involved. Ultimately, the decision is yours.
Contact us to Give Some Background Information on your event. We have included a contact form for event organisers that will help us to help you. We invite you to include some details about yourself and the event that you are looking to put on. Please be assured that these details will be kept safe and not passed on to any other party unless we have prior agreement from yourselves. 
Let's see if we can work together - all consultation prior to an agreement stage is free of charge.