Worthing FreeWheelin FEASTival

Event Date(s)

01/05/2020 - 03/05/2020 - 3 day(s)

Opening Time(s)

Times below are approximate and may alter at the event
Friday: 11am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm

What's Going On

For visitor event information, please go to www.zoomevents.co.uk


Real Greek Food Pork or chicken souvlaki in a pitta bread with tomato, tzatziki sauce, onion and fries.
Eat Fresh Catering Gourmet Burgers, Bacon Burgers & Cheese Burgers
This Fine Day Loaded, skin on, triple cooked chips with a selection of pick your topping. Plain fries, Houmous with fresh pomegranate seeds, Parmesan cheese, parsley and garlic mayo, Smokey bacon, spring onions, hot cheese sauce and mustard mayo, BBQ pulled pork with crunchy coleslaw, Medium spicy chicken, chorizo & red pepper with coriander yoghurt, Vegan 'meatballs' in an Italian style tomato sauce.
Indian Kitchen Indian Street Food
Thainese Street Food Thai and Chinese Street Food
Sabores Arepas with chicken, pork or vegetarian options. Salad boxes with chicken, pork or vegetarian options.
Sabores Brazilian vegan churros topped with chocolate dressings including vegan options, caramel and nutella.
53 Festival Road Dutch Pancakes
Heavenly Sausage Pre smoked and BBQ foot long Polish sausages (chicken/pork) along with homemade stuffed dumplings.
Passion du Fromage Ltd Spanish and French saucisson, French cheese and more continental fine foods.
Granny Sally's Fudge With a wide variety of products at Old English Fudge, from bars of fudge to custom made jars, we’ve got it all. Flavours ranging from classic vanilla, rum & raisin, chocolate, rocky road and many more.
Boom Sauce Boom Sauce is a homemade chilli sauce, made in small batches and all with a pinch of Trini love. The sauce is so versatile it can be used with everything, as a marinade for your meat, fish, tofu, or as a condiment or dip. Add a splash of Boom to your pot whilst cooking to add a zoosh to your lasagne, spaghetti bolognese or curry and lots more, it even goes well with your cheese and biscuits. We believe in supporting our local businesses and even down to the bottles are all sourced locally. We will be offering tasters all through the day to get your tastebuds tingling. We do have a disclaimer warning customers that Boom Sauce packs a punch but you won’t be disappointed as it is hot and full of flavour.
The Great British Cheese Company Award winning, flavoured, waxed cheese truckles
Mannor Limited Olives, baklava, Turkish delight and nuts
Famous Last Stand Selection of Beer, Ale, Lager, Cider, Prosecco, Wine and Gin
Snow White Catering Fresh whippy ice cream and a selection of iced lollies
Moswick Wines & Spirits Showcase an exciting, fun range of wines and spirits in a wide range of delicious flavours including: Rubis Chocolate wine - an award winning Spanish fortified red wine infused with luxurious chocolate flavours. V Gallery Italian grain flavoured vodkas including: Marshmallow, Toffee Fudge, Cucumber, Very Berry, Mango Crush, Coconut, Coffee And Grape Tipsy Tart flavoured Gins including: Mango & Passionfruit, Pear & Elderflower, Blackberry, Rhubarb, Lemon, Raspberry and Blood Orange Tipsy Tart flavoured vodkas including: White Chocolate, Dark chocolate. Caramel, Violet and Cherry Bakewell Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur Canyero Honey flavoured rum Canyero Salted Caramel Rum
Andes Adults Nepalese & Indian clothing, children's Peruvian cardigans, handmade dreamcatchers, friendship bracelets, handmade bags, summer hats and bandanas.
Emporium Italian clothing, Indian rugs and accessories. Woollen and cotton hats and gloves.
Caravan Woollen clothing, jackets and accessories. Gifts, lamps, bowls & statues
CF Fundraising Ltd Sussex Wildlife Trust is a conservation charity for everyone who cares about nature in Sussex and protects  the wonderfully rich natural life that is found across our towns, countryside and coast. 

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