New events for 2017 launched

Posted: 18/01/2017 10:29:44

We can officially announce our next events for 2017.

Both events will build on the success of 2016 in towns and cities where we received a warm welcome.

  • Cambridge Craft Beer and Cider Festival - Thursday June 8 to Saturday 10 June 2017
  • Sevenoaks Food and Drink Festival - Friday May 5 to Sunday May 7 2017

The Cambridge Craft Beer and Cider Festival will again take place at Cambridge Leisure Park (the Light Cinema complex) and there will be five sessions over the three days.

This time beer and cider enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a Thursday evening session, taking the place of the Sunday session in 2016. Tickets will again be £3.50 per session and will be available in the spring.

If you are a brewer and want to be part of the this event then you can get in touch with us on or 01832 281274.

The Sevenoaks Food and Drink Festival will be at The Vine in this Kentish town. 

Both events have a Facebook event page, do register to receive future updates.

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